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Tipo B P3 Monoposto

Tipo B Monoposto P3

year of production 1932-1935
no. made 6
engine 8 in-line
  2.654 - 3.822 cc
max speed 232 - 300 km/h

The P3 (official name Tipo B 2600 or Monoposto) was built by Jano to continue the successes of the P2. The 8 in-line engine became stronger and the racer was very successful. The first race he entered in 1932 was won.

See below for details:

year c.c. bore stroke hp speed
1932 2.654 65 mm 68 mm 215 225 km/h
1933 2.905 68 mm 100 mm 255 262 km/h
1935 3.165 71 mm 100 mm 265
1935 3.822 87 mm 100 mm 330 >300 km/h

The most important races that were won are:

  year race where? driver  
  1932 GP Italy Monza Nuvolari  
  GP Monaco Monte Carlo Nuvolari  
  GP France Reims Nuvolari  
  GP Germany Nurburgring Caracciota  
  GP Italy Monza Caracciota  
  Coppa Acerbo Pescara Nuvolari  
  Coppa Ciano Montenero Nuvolari  
  Eifelrennen Nurburgring Caracciola  
  1933 Coppa Acerbo Pescara Fagioli  
  GP Italy San Sebastian Fagioli  
  1934 GP Monaco Monte Carlo Moll  
  GP France Montlhery Chiron  
  GP Marne Chiron  
  Targa Florio Varzi  
  Avus Berlin Moll  
  Albo d'Oro Alexandria Varzi  
  1935 GP Germany Nurburgring Nuvolari  
  GP Bergamo Nuvolari  

In 1935 the Mercedes and Auto Union racers became too strong for the P3. The last and most brilliant victory of the P3 was the 1935 German Grand Prix, where Nuvolari, after a heroic race, won before the Auto Union of Stuck.

The work on successor of the P3 began early in 1935. It was the tipo C (also known as the 8C 35), fittest with the largest 3.8 liter version of the P3 engine. The car was not as successful as the P3.