8C 35

Tipo C

year of production 1935
no. made 6
engine 8 in-line
  3.822 cc
max speed  
8C 35 Nuvolari's 8C-35

The Tipo C was intended to continue the success of the Tipo B (P3). Jano's original intention was to fit the car with a new 4 liter V12 engine, but this was not ready with the rest of the car Till that time it had to do with the 3.8 liter version of the latest P3. The first race was the Italian G.P., Monza in September 1935. The car did not finish.

When the engine was ready, the car became the 12C 36

year of production 1936
no. made 6
engine 12 / V
370 hp 4.064 c.c.
max speed  
12C 36

The debut of the 12C 36 was in the Tripoli G.P., May 10th, 1936.

In 1937 the engine was enlarged to 4.495 c.c. and the name of the car changed into 12C 37. Racing debut in the Coppa Acerbo, August 14th, 1937

year of production 1937
no. made 4
engine 12 / V
430 hp 4.495 c.c.
max speed 310 km/h
12C 37

The results of the 8C as well as the 12C were disappointing and this led to Jano leaving the company.

In 1938 the sport organizers tried to stop the power race and imposed a new 3 liter formula. Alfa's interim attempt to meet the demands of the new formula was the Alfa 308.

Today there are two 8C 35's left. Chassisno. 50013 was auctioned at Christies on May 5th 1988 for 14.500.000,-- French Francs. (See picture above)

It is said that the car with chassisno. 50012 has survived too.

  Below, the 12C 37 (1937) on the Spettacolo Sportivo, Zandvoort 2010