Giulia Tubolare Zagato (TZ 1)
Giulia TZ 1
picture Hans van der Loo
Giulia TZ 1
picture: Hans van der Loo
  #750006, 1964  
year of production 1963 - 1965
no. made 102
engine 4 in-line
  1.570 cc
112 hp 112 - 170 hp
max speed 215 km/h
Giulia TZ 1

The Tubolare Zagato (TZ) was the successor of the Giulia Sprint Zagato (SZ). The use of an alu-body the weight of the car is only 660 kg. The top speed is more than 215 km/h. The TZ 1 won in his class many races, such as the Targa Florio, Coupes des Alpes and Tour de Corse.

It is said that the top speed of one of the TZ 1's is measured at 252 km/h. From 1965 - 1967 Zagato built the TZ 2 with 170 hp engine and modified bodywork