P2 Gran Premio

P2 Gran Premio

year of production 1924-1930
no. made 6
engine 8 in-line
  1.987 cc
max speed 225 km/h

The P2 was the successor of Merosi's P1. It was the first car from Vittorio Jano, who came from Fiat,  for Alfa Romeo. As a result of modifications during his racing-career there are 3 types:

  • the original pointed tail type

  • the slab-tail, with spare wheel at the back built for the 1925 Spa G.P.

  • the 1930 type with, amongst others, the radiatorfront from the 6C 1750.

The 1.987 cc 8 in-line engine had an original 134 hp. This went up to 175 hp at the end of it's career in 1930.

The most important races that were won are:

  year race where? driver  
  1924 Cremona Italy Ascari  
  GP Europe Lyon Campari  
  GP Italy Monza Ascari  
  1925 GP Europe Spa Ascari  
  GP Italy Monza Peri  
  in 1925 Alfa won his first World Grand Prix Championship. Since then the Alfa badge would be surrounded by a laurel wreath  
  1926 due to changed regulations the cars were sold to private drivers   
  1927 Coppa Acerbo Pescara Campari  
  1928 Coppa Acerbo Pescara Campari  
  1929 Albo d'Oro Alexandria Varzi  
  GP Roma Varzi  
  GP Monza Varzi  
  Coppa Ciano Montenero  
  1930 in 1930 the cars were bought back by the factory team. Return in GP racing  
  GP Alexandria Alexandria Varzi  
  Targa Florio Italy Varzi  
  Colle della Maddalena Italy Nuvolari  
  Sept. 28th, 1930 last official race Brno Tsjecho-Slowakia  
  both cars failed to finish  
  Today there are two P2's left. One pointed-tail in the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, Arese and one 1930-type in the Biscaretti Museum, Torini, Italy. I was there in 1985 and made the pictures below:  
  P2 Gran Premio  
  P2 Gran Premio  

The 1930 P2 in the Biscaretti Museum, Torino, Italy.


When the P2 became too old to race, Jano decided to use the new 8C 2300 models for racing. After winning the Monza G.P. this model would be called: 8C 2300 Monza.

The successor of the Monza was the Monoposto (P3).