chassis # 12023  
year of production 1924
no. made  
engine 4 in-line
  1.996 cc
  44 hp
max speed 100 km/h
The car is based on an Alfa Romeo RM chassis with the normal 2-litre, 4-cylinder RM engine. The track mechanism was built using Citröen patents under. The front wheel hubs are marked with the Citröen gear motif. The drive system is based on that used in the Citröen Kegresse but incorporates the original RM transmission brake.The four-speed gearbox feeds via a propshaft into another enormous transmission case, housing a second gearbox with a dual range. The concept of the track laying system was developed by Adolph Kegressewhen Technical Manager for Czar Nicholas II as early as 1910. By 1920, assisted by Jacques Hinstin, Kegresse was running the Chenilles department for André Boas and André Citröen at the Citröen Gear Company. In 1921 three Kegresse Citröens climbed the Lautaret andcrossed the Mont Genevre Pass clearly showing their ability over snow.

This RM and its track gear both exhibit early chassis and licence numbers. The RM chassis numbers run from 1923-1924 and are listed as 12001 – 12265; it is known that the early numbers were restricted to prototypes so ‘12023’ could date this vehicle tovery early in 1924 or possibly even late 1923. At the Rétromobile show in 2005, two Sahara type Citröens were on display, one with a trackmechanism licence number of 425 thereby showing how early the RM’s track gear is.

RM 4WD Half track