6C 3000 CM (Competizione Maggiorata)  
  Chassis# 1361.00125. This 6C 3000 CM was originally bodied by Colli and given a coupe configuration. It was campaigned by the factory Works team at the 1953 Mille Miglia. A few months later it was in the hands of Juan Manuel Fangio and Onofre Marimon at the 24 Hours of LeMans race. The car was involved in an accident and in 1955 a new Spider body was created by Zagato. A short time later possession passed to J. Bonnier who had the car painted in Swedish racing livery and used it in competition until 1956.  
Chassis# 1361.00126, This was one of three 6C 3000 CM's entered in the 1953 24 Hours of Le Mans race.
  Chassis# 1361.00127, the 1953 Colli Spider. Retained by the Alfa Romeo museum. This is the Supercortemaggiore-winning car at the hands of Juan Manuel Fangio.  
  Chassis# 1361.00128-Pininfarina Superflow. This chassis was sold to Pininfarina to be bodied into a show car. It initally appeared at the 1956 Turin Motor Show as the Superflow,

The Turinese coachbuilder fitted four different bodies on the Alfa Romeo chassis between 1956 and 1960.
The ex-Fangio machine has survived in its 1960 configuration.

  1) 1956 Turin show: "Super Flow I Coupe". Plexi fenders, tail fins, plexi roof.  
  2) 1956 Paris show: "Super Flow II Coupe". Steel fenders, tail fins, plexi roof.  
  3) 1959 Geneva show: "Spyder Super Sport". No tail fins.  
  4) 1960 Geneva show: "Super Flow IV" or "Coupe Super Sport Speziale". Plexi roof, no tail fins.  
year of production 1953
no. made 4 coupés & 2 spiders
engine 6C 3.500
  275 hp
max speed 250 km/h
6C 3000 CM